About Me - Energetic Wealth Coach

“I have always enjoyed helping others to feel better about themselves. For many years in my business I improved the outer appearance of women. Now I work with your inner world. The part of you that is the foundation of your power – the inner workings that create your success and wealth in this world.”

The goal and the promise of our work together is a dramatic shift in the way that you show up, act and speak. I invite you to step into your more empowered version that is powerful, confident, joyful enthusiastic, fearless and REAL.

My Story

“Health issues became a big piece of my life – as I tried to navigate taking care of the kids, managing my career, and controlling a bad-tempered husband. I was diagnosed with TMJ problems, headaches, depression, a hormone imbalance, Fibromyalgia, and anxiety.

I was against taking meds, but finally relented and in the end I was taking seven different prescriptions. Then, the debilitating migraines began, and that’s when I knew that I had to make a change. Ultimately, I got divorced and invested my retirement money in a business that did very well in the beginning.

Unfortunately, I closed the doors after 5 years, losing my entire retirement in a bad business investment.  My business partner took full advantage of the money and personal information that was available to her. I was so wounded that I couldn’t even speak about it.

All my life, I gave the money management away – to my husband, and then to my business partner. I was afraid to be the one in charge of it. I was conditioned to think that people with money were bad, selfish, and would take advantage of others to get what they want. I didn’t want to be associated with that.”

Deanna Batté

Born on a famous Air Force base in Roswell, New Mexico, Deanna spent much of her childhood moving from base to base, and ultimately landed in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She is a self-proclaimed yoga freak, loves hiking, and exercising regularly. She considers herself to be pretty nutritionally savvy, and is committed to being conscious about what she puts into her body as fuel. (Yes, she loves and eats chocolate!)

Deanna is a lifelong learner dedicated to investing in ongoing self-development and understands the value of having a coach herself as she continues to grow and evolve both personally and professionally. Mastermind groups are her “jam”, and she loves collaborating with other successful, growth-minded women. 

Throughout her life, Deanna has always been drawn to helping people – particularly women. As a teen, she loved doing makeovers on her friends and her grandmother. In college, she cut hair to make money. She couldn’t decide where college would take her, so she thought getting a license and working professionally would be great until she decided what she would be when she “grew up”. She fished college early and got her license in Cosmetology.

Prior to becoming a success coach, Deanna worked in the salon industry for more than 25 years, where she was an award-winning stylist, salon manager, educator, owner, and mentor focused on creating a salon experience that included pampering, great positive conversation, and a ‘wow ‘end result. As a salon owner and hairstylist, Deanna naturally learned a lot about her clients’ lives – their relationships, their experiences, their struggles, and their successes. Over time, she felt she had turned into more than a hairdresser, but also a resource and guide for her female clients going through life’s many challenges.

As a deep listener, Deanna became instinctively good at detecting solutions to challenges, and connecting women to their own vital personal resources. She developed a deep personal understanding of the pitfalls and conditioning that women experience in their lives, rising above her own incredibly challenging circumstances to become the standard-bearer for women and their affluence.

As Deanna, an Energetic Wealth Coach, navigated through the discovery of her own strength and healing, she found she could help others along the way. Using the confidence and self-love that she was able to uncover, she works to instill confidence and empower transformation for her clients, assisting them in upgrading their health, money, and relationships. As a powerful speaker, thought leader, and gifted healer, Deanna has helped thousands of women grow confidently and take inspired action to overcome personal, family, and business (income) challenges.

Trained as an Intuitive Strategist – Life Coach,  Reiki Master, Energetic Wealth Coach, EFT Coach, and Energy Medicine Professional, Deanna has more than 30 years of experience working closely with women as an expert coach and mentor – helping them to gain clarity and healing around the unconscious patterns that sabotage their success.

Empowering Women to Recognize Their Self Worth

Through her own experiences, Deanna learned that one very prevalent commonality among women is the disempowerment that they experience, which often comes from the money they do or don’t have access to. Maybe they have given control of their money to someone else, denying themselves of choices and freedoms in many areas of their lives – maybe even regarding the way they navigate their home and work life.

In some cases, women may have emotional wounds that are at the root of their mentality that they aren’t good enough to make a lot of money. Or, if they are already successful, they may have internal limits that they put on themselves, that are really just imaginary.

“Money is a tool, yet it is so emotionally charged and firmly attached to our self worth.”

Deanna, an Energetic Wealth Coach, is driven by her personal struggles navigating her role as a single mother, and her experience with being in a relationship where she felt disempowered and controlled by her significant other. This ignited a desire to help others to avoid or get out of similar situations. Her passion for helping other women comes from a deep understanding of how undervaluing your worth can significantly impact your life in many ways – including mental and physical health.

Finding Healing Through Energy Work – Energetic Wealth Coach

As a result of her experiences and the resulting emotions around money and self-worth, and her dislike and distrust for traditional medicine, Deanna sought alternative healing methods. In her search, she was introduced to energy work and the concepts of healing physical health and circumstances through finding and healing the emotional blocks, traumas, and hidden emotions that keep us so very stuck in all aspects of life.

“One of my many greatest mentors helped me to dive deep into my wounds to heal and empower myself, so that I could live in my highest expression of myself. The advantage of this is that I get to live a life where I am rarely triggered by others and can look and live from a wider, higher perspective – helping others to be healed and empowered.”

Soon after, she received an email from the International Center for Reiki Training, with an Invitation to attend a Reiki Master Certification and retreat in New York, in the Catskill Mountains. After receiving her first Masters Certification, she received a second Masters certification from William Lee Rand, at a much deeper level. Deanna has obtained many certifications for several different modalities, which she has integrated together to use as the different aspects of a client’s healing needs reveal themselves.

“Having this training profoundly changed the direction of my life and healed me at a very deep level – both emotionally and physically. As there are many layers of emotions that emerge as one does the work of healing, it’s not something that happens all at once. As I continued to do my own work, I was more able to help others with their own healing.

Influence Your Affluence

Deanna’s dynamic and proven program, “Influence Your Affluence” will move you forward exponentially, unlocking your genius as you embody a new, upgraded version of you, standing powerfully in your brilliance.