Money Coaching & Mentoring

Influence Your Affluence 

Are you ready to exponentially change your life without the exhausting, frustrating, mind-numbing, behaviors that got you to where you are now?

Are you thinking that you just might be

the one who doesn’t get to live your dream? You just get to support others in their dreams…

You’ve tried to modge-podge your way through self-development do-it-yourself programs, and books. Maybe you’ve even tried Law of Attraction – only to be disappointed. Deep inside, underneath that feeling of failure – you know you are meant for more.

I know because of who you are – you are committed and have been working really hard to get to where you are.

You have also claimed some degree of success. What I’d like to offer you is the ability to get to the next level – not by working harder but by doing things in a thoughtful, intuitive and deliberate way, without the dark cloud of failures and conditioning that have helped you make your decisions up until now.

You are probably losing sleep...

exhausted, way over scheduled and feeling the pressure most days wondering how and if you can keep up this pace – only to find that you’re in roughly the same place in your wealth and your life as you were the year before.

You had a 1-year plan that has turned into 5.

Your physical body is not where you had imagined at this time in your life and your personal relationships are suffering. Yourself care routine is – well – struggling as much as you are!

Some days you feel anxious and frantic as you juggle, make decisions that you question later, and then you can’t turn your brain off – thinking of every angle of how it will work for you.

Unfortunately, success is less about the effort you are putting in. It’s more about your thoughts and your deliberate and intuitive choices that leverage the hard work that you are doing into the success and income you desire.

Private Money Coaching

As a private client, each session is unique to you.

We take a deep dive together into what you bring to the table and discover the very root of what is holding you back and keeping you continually setting limits on receiving what you desire most. As you experience your incredible insights and breakthroughs in these sessions, you will also receive tools to take consistent action toward clarity and confidence, allowing for transformation to happen.

The energy of money

If you are a woman ready for this life and soul shifting work, book an Affluence Mindset Breakthrough call.